Get Your Wedding Nails Done DIY

1. Condition  your fingers by massaging them with a hand cream last thing at night for months at least before your big day. You’ll see the difference soon.

2. Cut your nails with the same length and the file carefully. Decide whether you prefer a square or rounded corners before you start. Before the cuticle oil regularly to keep skin dry and at least hang nail.

3. Applying a set of base coat and allow to dry.

4. With a steady hand, paint on nail tips with white nail tip firmly in place as it is more natural. Remember! Here, then, is not acceptable practice for the first time to try your wedding day!

5. Use nail polish corrector if you any errors or dip a fine brush or cotton swab in nail polish remover and neaten up.

6. Paint over a coat of pink polish.

7. Avoid getting bubbles in Polish by rolling the bottle rather than shaking.

8. If you have air bubbles in the nail, use a layer of top coat to settle the matter.

9. If the polish chips while you, gently wet the pads of your fingers with nail polish remover and wipe across the chipped area to smooth the edges. Dab a little gloss on the chip and reapply a top coat when dry.


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