All You Need To Know About Veils

Veils Styles

1. A simple wreath of flowers can open to you and add the right touch to a semi-formal attire.

2. Tiaras are always elegant. Think about the color of your dress and jewelry in the selection of Tiara setting. There are four general setting colors: silver shiny rhodium (Antique Silver), Bright Gold and Antique Gold.

3. A crown of pearls and flowers can be a seat in the back with a very elegant evening gown.

4. A group of flowers or silk bow on a comb or a clip, a nice job pulling hair from her face and work well with long or upswept hair.

5. Headband type head pieces are very effective for short hair, with bangs and can have additional touches added using the same tip, beads or sequins used to dress.

Length Veil

Length veil through the formality of the wedding and especially the decoration on the back of your dress. Guidelines length veil can help, but remember, this is your wedding and you should have a wave of your dreams.

1. Elbow-length is short (no train), clothes, used and show all the details at the waist of the dress.

2. Rouge or shoulder length is usually combined with other lengths and is used both for formal and semi-formal weddings.

3. Finger-tip length is used for formal and semi-formal weddings.

4. Cathedral Length is used for formal weddings where the dress has a cathedral length train, veil with a foot or more to extend to the floor. Veils made to be removable, long for the formality of the wedding, and shorter or no fun to waste reception. Remember, no bridal veil to celebrate your individuality and make you look and feel beautiful. It’s your wedding.

5. Chapel Length falls to the ground and is usually combined with other shorter layers.


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